Novitec Gmbh & Co. KG, Stetten (DE)

Many doors with many functions

You can recognise Novitec’s corporate design at first sight: the company colour is red. This colour is even reflected in the entire building. All the doors were matched to this colour – because all the doors installed can be colour-matched according to the customer’s wishes.

The showcase under the doors

Novitec has something to show: the dealer of luxury cars sets these vehicles perfectly in scene with the help of the installed HTvision. The real glass elements made of toughened safety glass without vertical bars create a kind of shop window, which at the same time has the function of a normal stacking door.

Translucent and thermally insulating

The SPACELITE HT stacking door is characterised by the space-saving stacking door technology. But the fibreglass infill also has a number of advantages. Fibreglass facade is translucent, heat-insulating, aesthetically pleasing but opaque. The workspaces are therefore pleasantly and naturally lit. All profiles on the SPACELITE HT40 and HTvision have also been colour-coated red.

Fast doors for fast cars

In addition to the SPACELITE HT40 and HTvision external doors, Novitec has opted for horizontally opening high-speed doors for internal processes – in the company colour, of course. The side-opening principle facilitates the internal logistics processes enormously, because the doors open in seconds and the entire clearance height is immediately available.

Mono or Syncro?

Novitec has installed both the single-sided rolling NOVOSPRINT Mono, which was specially designed for narrow passages, and the classic NOVOSPRINT SYNCRO, in which the door leaves are rolled up synchronously to the side.


Customer: Novitec GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Stetten (DE)


17 stacking doors SPACELITE HT40 & HTvision

5 high-speed doors NOVOSPRINT Syncro & Mono


Reference Novitec Stetten (DE)

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