Shevah High School, Tel Aviv (IL)

It feels like sitting outside

A school auditorium does not have to be narrow and dark. The architect of Shevah High School designed a bright, spacious building which stands out for its impressive and unique assembly hall. The special feature is the possibility to open almost the entire side wall to get the feeling of sitting on a covered terrace. This opening option is realized by 7 stacking doors SPACELITE in the colour brilliant. Two further lateral parts with pass doors were installed as well. The translucent fibreglass panels were supplemented by 3 glass panels to create a pleasant and bright atmosphere inside.

In summer as in winter

In the winter months it does not get particularly cold in Israel. However, it is very important to have a good insulation in your building. That is the reason why the customer chose the option “improved thermal insulation” in order to give the students a warm but bright room in winter.

Attractive design all around

To benefit from the advantages of Butzbach fibreglass in the classrooms as well, a fixed part of our SPACELITE was integrated in the façade. In this way, our fibreglass was taken architecturally up again at another position to round off the appearance optically.


Customer: Shevah High School

Location: Tel Aviv (IL)


7 stacking doors SPACELITE® brilliant

2 lateral parts with pass doors

Fixed part as fibreglass facade


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