Stadtwerke Traunreut (DE)

The enthusiasm of the architect for fibreglass material and the inspiration from the reference projects already carried out were the decisive factors for commissioning Butzbach with the new construction of the Stadtwerke Traunreut. In total, Butzbach delivered 220 m² of the VARIOPLANplus fibreglass facade (with integrated emergency exit doors) as well as nine stacking doors SPACELITE.

Both the facade and the doors were designed in the fibreglass colour Sapphire-Blue in order to create an association with water, one of the business areas of Stadtwerke Traunreut.

In addition to the visual advantages of the fibreglass products, the builder also placed great importance on a high degree of light transmission of the building shell together with good thermal insulation. The fibreglass scatters the natural daylight deep into the building without any glare, meaning that artifical lighting can be dispensed with during the day.

In combination with the good thermal insulation of the fibreglass plates, pleasant working areas are formed in the offices, workshops and storage areas located directly behind the doors and the facade.


Customer: Stadtwerke

Location:  Traunreut (DE)


9 stacking doors SPACELITE®

220 m² fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus in saphire-blue


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