Mitigating the risks of accidents

NOVOSPRINT® Duo, our innovative new side-opening high-speed door, has two door leaves that can be activated independently of each other. It’s ideal if you want to separate forklift and pedestrian traffic or two lanes from each other in a passageway for safety reasons.

NOVOSPRINT Duo will particularly appeal to safety officers and those with an awareness of safety. If it is not possible to have a separate pass door next to the doorway, a shared passageway for vehicles and pedestrians presents an acute risk of them coming face to face with each other. Now, though, this new high-speed door allows vehicle and pedestrian routes to be physically separated in one and the same passageway. Two door leaves that can be activated asynchronously, and optionally removable pedestrian guidance elements before and after the door, ensure that pedestrians and vehicles do not meet each other in the door area, “neutralising” this risk zone in the building. This technology can play an active part in reducing the more than 12,000 forklift accidents suffered alone in Germany every year. The maximum possible door width of 2,500 mm on each side similarly allows two forklift lanes to be separated from each other, avoiding the risk of oncoming traffic. The compact dimensions and the self-supporting structure mean that existing buildings can be easily upgraded at any time, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming structural work to install a separate door for pedestrians. The two door leaves can be designed with the same or different widths, allowing adaptation to the particular traffic situation. In practical operation each side is controlled and activated individually. If necessary, e.g. if large parts have to be transported, both leaves can be rolled open sideways at the same time, making the entire width of the opening available for use without any frame components in the way.