+++ Discover the new ECOSPRINT® high-speed door +++

Veröffentlicht am:
9. March 2023


Thanks to the constant development of the Butzbach production management, we can now proudly present our new horizontally opening ECOSPRINT®.

The high-speed door ECOSPRINT® is universally applicable and finds its place in logistics, industry, mail order houses as well as in production. It separates individual areas from each other, reduces draughts and heat exchange, saves energy and creates a safe process for people and the flow of goods. In addition, the ECOSPRINT® minimises collision damage, as the full clearance height is immediately available due to the side opening.

Why do you need an ECOSPRINT®?
Our high-speed door guarantees you fast and smooth processes. If you choose the classic ECOSPRINT® Syncro, you get a high-speed door that rolls the tarpaulins of both door halves to the side in a fraction of a second, while the one-sided rolling high-speed door ECOSPRINT® Mono, was specially developed for narrow passages and is often used in passenger traffic for space- and time-saving processes.

With more than 1,000,000 opening cycles, a currentless opening in case of emergency and an opening speed of up to 3m/s, the ECOSPRINT® offers many advantages such as perfect room separation, an immediate full passage height and safe logistics processes.
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Butzbach High-speed doors ECOSPRINT®
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