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28. July 2022


Protect your valuables with style!
Certified security with an attractive design at the same time? With the burglar-resistant doors from Butzbach this is possible. It is no secret that the topic of burglar resistance is becoming more and more present. Especially for renovations or new buildings, this topic should be included in the planning. Butzbach lift gates with RC3 certification are a possible solution for this, because in contrast to heavy steel gates commonly available on the market, Butzbach gates offer you light permeability and appealing aesthetics thanks to the fiberglass filling.
Classic Butzbach lift gates already have RC2 certification near the standard version.
For explanation: The abbreviation RC stands for “Resistance Class” and is based on the standard DIN/TS 18194. Classes 1-6 are distinguished with increasing protective effect.
In order to increase this protective effect, Butzbach has developed a further burglar-resistant RC3 certified lift gate. The test to obtain certification is carried out in three stages: In addition to a static and dynamic load on the test specimen, it must equally withstand a manual burglary test.
The RC3 version of the lift gate differs from the RC2 version on the one hand in its appearance, because all gate leaves are each equipped with an additional intermediate profile and are thus appropriately secured. Furthermore, in addition to an additional electromechanical lock, additional mounting brackets are installed.
This burglar-proof door is suitable for many industries. Whether in a workshop, a car dealership or a large factory building – everywhere there are things that are valuable and need to be secured. The advantage over other anti-burglary doors on the market here is the aesthetics. The fiberglass filling is translucent and gives the door a certain lightness.
But this does not only apply to the classic lift gate, which convinces with its innovative lifting stagger technology: Butzbach also offers RC3-certified XL lift gates and sectional gates. In this way, the customer is on the safe side – regardless of the door requirement.
Safety can also be beautiful.


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