HT180 Hybrid passes break test

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9. June 2021

We have developed the HT180 Hybrid for a major order. This door must contractually withstand a wind load of 1.8 tons per door leaf. The predicted mechanical performance has now been tested in reality. For this purpose, the calculated wind load was simulated by applying a surface load. This was done with the aid of gritted salt bags. The measurement procedure was carried out in accordance with the specifications in the door standard EN 12444. Thanks to the assistance of our trainees Marcel Spleiß, Lukas Neugebauer and Lukas Frank, the tests were carried out smoothly and quickly. In the first test, the 15.1 m long test panel was loaded with the targeted area load at the highest possible span width. Subsequently, the plate was loaded in the second test for the actual fracture test at a slightly reduced support distance. This showed that the real value was even higher than the predicted value. More than 3.5 tons of load were required until the failure point was reached. At the end of the day, around 10 tons of test weight were thus moved. A remarkably positive effect of our composite construction method: After the breaking load was removed, the panel returned to almost its original position. Fiberglass and aluminum – a special material combination! You can see both the breakage test and the test with the real load of 1.8 tons in fast forward in the videos.