Airbase Wunstorf (DE)

5 hangars – most diversified requirements – 1 partner

Situated in Wunstorf in Lower Saxony, the airbase has a long history to which a very extensive new chapter is now being added: the Bundeswehr is expanding the airport to make it the central location for its new transport aircraft, the Airbus A400M. For the new hangars on the site, Butzbach GmbH Industrietore supplied a total of five hangar door systems, each tailored to the particular use of each hangar in terms of equipment, method of opening and security criteria. “Wunstorf is a flagship project that perfectly demonstrates our capability both in the product portfolio and in project management for such extensive requirement criteria,” explained Dafne Joel, Head of the business unit Aviation at Butzbach. Fitted with fibreglass panels to allow light through, each of the doors are impressive enough just in their dimensions, functions and special features:

In the two overhaul halls, two doubleleaf sliding doors 105 x 17.5 m in size give individual access to the 2 docks in each hall. Truck doors and pedestrian doors are integrated into the hangar door.

The training facility has a 51 x 10.5 m round-the-corner door with a 25 x 7 m tail door customized for the T-tail of the A400M. The leaves of the roundthe-corner door are led along the sidewall when opened, allowing the whole front of the hall to be accessible.

The simulator building has a smaller sliding door measuring 10 x 10.5 m and two stacking doors SPACELITE of 6.4 x 8 m.

The door for the washing and maintenance hall is the largest one on the entire complex with its 160 x 17.5 m in size, with 3 separately moveable leaves each weighing approx. 44 t. The external building skin and internal separations between the bays have been equipped with a total of 3,800 m² fibreglass curtain walls made by Butzbach.


Customer: Airbase Wunstorf

Location: Wunstorf (DE)


5 hangar doors opening prinziple sliding door

6000 m² fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus

2 stacking doors SPACELITE


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