Kurz blumen GmbH, Stuttgart (DE)

The earth laughs in flowers. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Florian Kurz, the owner of Kurz blumen GmbH in Stuttgart, relies on Butzbach. A total of 11 industrial doors were installed in Stuttgart to make internal operations as smooth and pleasant as possible. The SPACELITE HT40 for example was used in two ways: outside but also inside. Why? This way the needs of the most important ones – the flowers – can be met optimally.

For flowers sometimes it has to be cooler. Therefore 8 stacking doors were installed in the area of the cold storage rooms.

As already mentioned, Mr. Kurz also uses several SPACELITE stacking doors for inside. On the one hand as room separator when the sales area is closed, and on the other hand as an additional advertising space when the door is open – there is the company name laminated onto every top door panel. With the indoor installation, the hall of the wholesale market can be reduced or enlarged as required.

It is not a secret that flowers need light. The SPACELITE can also score here. Even when all the doors are closed, it is still pleasantly bright in the sales hall. The high level of light translucence and the good insulation of the fibreglass is therefore the ideal combination for the customer.

The client is satisfied, the flowers as well – and that is essential, because is there anything more beautiful than fresh flowers?


Customer: Kurz blumen GmbH

Location: Stuttgart (GER)


11 stacking doors SPACELITE®


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