Sectional doors SECTIOLITE®

Highly versatile

Thanks to its unique design, the SECTIOLITE sectional door has no springs, protruding hinges or spiral cables. Compared to conventional sectional doors, maintenance costs and downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

The solid guide tracks made of thick-walled aluminium are closed on three sides for providing maximum safety. The cover strips can be removed for maintenance purposes.

In the standard version, the SECTIOLITE sectional door runs parallel to the ceiling construction via a 90-degree deflection. Alternatively, we also offer the SECTIOLITE sectional door as a vertical lifting door or as rails guided along the roof. In this way we can adapt the opening principle of your SECTIOLITE door to your assembly situation.




Sectional doors SECTIOLITE®
Your advantages

Extremely long lifetime due to a sustainable material selection and conception
No cost-intensive wear parts such as springs, spiral cables, etc.
Above-average wind load resistance
High light transmission due to the fibreglass door infill
High opening speed up to 1 m/s
The safety edge control stops automatically and reverses the door when it hits an obstacle

Sectional doors SECTIOLITE®
Our performances

More cost-effectiveness

The reliable SECTIOLITE direct operates without wearing parts such as tension or torsion springs - this minimizes maintenance and costs. Thanks to the effective door sealing and high light transmission, you will also save energy on heating and lighting. THe result is the perfect sot to benefit ratio.

Greater flexibility

The Butzbach SECTIOLITE sectional doors are extremely flexible in their installation options, including a low lintel fitting (lintel requirement min. 350mm), a guide track extension, a roof sequence fitting (rails guided along the ceiling following the roof pitch) and a vertical version (vertical door).

Better safety

The SECTIOLITE's trilaterally closed aluminium tracks ensure a high degree of safety by avoiding the risk of crushing and injuries. Thanks to their high corrosion resistance, the doors can also be used in environments with extreme conditions. The design of the 'sectional door with fibreglass door leaves is highly impact and shock resistant.

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Sectional doors SECTIOLITE®
Suitable for every application


Option wet room

With an additional package of features, the SECTIOLITE sectional doors can conquer even the toughest conditions, making them ideal for car washes – to name just one example. The doors can be integrated almost seamlessly from a visual perspective too, ensuring a harmonious building design.

The benefits:

  • Reliable protection from corrosion, water jets and dust
  • Some structural elements can be made from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised
  • Additional sealing of fibreglass panels, door panels and controls

Option thermal insulation

We equip your SPACELITE stacking doors with an additional insulation - inside the twin-walled fibreglass panels and within the frame profile. The improved sealing also ensures a very efficient protection against draughts.

Your benefits:

  • Improved thermal insulation with Ug values of up to 1,4 W/m²K
  • Improved thermal insulation with Ud values of up to 2,7 W/m²K
  • High light transmittance despite additional insertion foils in the fibre glass
  • Available for all SECTIOLITE lift gates and fibreglass installation thicknesses

Option personnel door

Under certain conditions, a separation of footpaths and driveways is constructive but not feasible. Do you still need a fully-fledged and safe passage for employees or customers?

We offer you a useful and high-quality solution - our integrated lpersonnel door with a low threshold!

We pay a lot of attention to uniform design, which is why the material and design of the sectional door and the personnel door are coordinated. Should you still have other specific wishes, we will be pleased to realise them.

Your  benefits:

  • Individual equipment of the door
  • Self-supporting, solid door construction
  • Low threshold with only 20 mm height
  • Overhead door closer already included in the standard configuration
  • All fitting versions can be realised

Option movable mullion

Many of our customers are looking for generously designed industrial doors - a requirement that can be easily fulfilled by the flexible SECTIOLITE system in standard design up to 6m width easily meets.

A multiple door system can be the optimal solution for even wider passages. A movable mullion is located between the doors, which can easily be pushed to the side manually if necessary. In this way, the entire opening width can be used.

Your benefits:

  • Simple manual operation
  • Suitable for spatially limited lintel situations
  • For SECTIOLITE sectional doors in all sizes available
  • Extreme door widths can be achieved with standard door types

Option laminated motifs

As we are the manufacturer of this unique infill material, we have the possibility of integrating picture motifs or logos directly into the fibreglass of your door. In this way you can´t only design your company building individually, you can also set effective light accents in the dark. Turn your stacking door into the luminous figurehead of your company!

Your benefits:

  • Picture motifs as advertising media
  • Individual design
  • Can be integrated on the full or partial door surface

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Sectional doors SECTIOLITE®
Also available as variants "S"



If 1.0 m/s are still too slow for you, the SECTIOLITE door can be executed with the "Sprint" option. A fast drive combined with an extra powerful frequency converter control ensures opening speeds of up to 1.5 m/s depending on the door size.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum safety at a high speed
  • Up to 1.5 m/s opening speed
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For highly senitive areas, the sectional door can be equipped with the "Security" option for an increased burglar resistance.

With this option, the SECTIOLITE door is one of the few doors on the market to achieve the resistance class WK3.

Your benefits:

  • Increased burglar resistance
  • Meets safety requirements resistance class 3 according to DIN V ENV 1627 : 1999
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For installation situations in which the door is exposed to extreme wind loads, the SECTIOLITE door can be equipped with the Storm option. Depending on the width, the door can withstand wind speeds of up to 220 km/h.

Your benefits:

  • Can be opened and closed even during hurricanes (wind force 12)
  • Weather-independent operational reliability
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Sectional doors SECTIOLITE® Technical data

TypeST40ST40T (with pass door)ST40S (variant "S")
Width min. - max.1.000 - 6.000 mm2.500 - 5.500 mm1.000 - 6.000 mm
Height min. - max.2.100 - 5.000 mm2.800 - 5.000 mm2.000 - 5.000 mm
Leaf panel max.450 kg450 kg450 kg
Single door panel height ca.500 mm500 mm250 mm
Fibreglass door panel strenght40 mm40 mm40 mm
Lintel requirement min. standard / optional800 / 350 mm800 / 400 mm800 / 350 mm
Opening speed up to1 m/s0,6 m/s1,5 m/s
Certified sound insulation Rw up to23 dB24 dB24 dB
Possible thermal insulation Ud2,7 W/m²K2,9 W/m²K3,5 W/m²K
Resistance to wind load (width-dependent)class2-5class 2-3class 2-5
Air permeabilityclass 4class 3class4
Resistance to water penetrationclass 3class 3class 3
Protection against burglary WK3----
Vision panel
Oval window----
Wet romm option□ / --
Fibreglass cover as lintel facing□ / --
Swivelling lateral element with or without dooron requeston requeston request
Fix part with or without door in door look
Track laterally movableon requeston requeston request
Combination with high-speed door□ / --
Note : Performance data depend on equipment and size□ (possible)-- (not possible)05/ 2019

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